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-Skin Rejuvenation Program


What is Facial Restoration Acupuncture?

The process the application of acupuncture techniques on certain points of the face to stimulate the meridians and improve facial muscle tones and skin contraction.

Facial Restoration Acupuncture helps to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, reduces sagging jowls, puffiness, tight pores and helps colour tone.

Because the procedure is totally natural i.e. working with your own body energy, the outcome is directly related to you and your body in a

beneficial process.

What can you expect from Facial Restoration Acupuncture?

safety than any cosmetic surgery

doen't need any speical recovery time after treatment.

more improved natural face with natural therapy

Should I try Facial Restoration Acupuncture?

it can potentially help to improve muscle tone and increase the production of collagen in the skin.

Collagen is what gives the skin its radiance, and youthful and healthy look.


What does Facial Restoration Acupuncture involve?

  • Chinese Medicine Consultation.

  • Body Acupuncture

  • Facial & Head Massage

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine to target your body special needs.