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Remedial Massage

m_1.jpg Used for the relief of musculo-skeletal problems and stress relief. Increase in circulation bringing nourishment to muscle  and flushing out any unwanted toxins. 

It would be beneficial for people suffering from postural related aches and pains, emotional stress or more serious  muscle conditions such as scitica or repetitive strain injury.

It gives the body a boost of nourishment and energy whilst 

also helping to relax the mind and ease muscle pain.

The use of this treatment is growing fast in Australia, with many people choosing regular therapy to increase their general health and well being. This has been made even more accessible by the advent of Remedial Massage health fund rebates by most health insurers which also covers sports massage for those more sporty individuals.


Are you not sure if your issue will get better from a remedial massage? Feel free to chat to us today at our Eastwood clinic on 02 9874 0555 or at our Hornsby clinic on 02 9482 3080